Professional, efficient and diversified securities financial services

With the rapid development of technology, in order to meet the different needs of our customers, we also introduce new technologies from time to time to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and reliable online electronic trading platform, with a view to providing customers with prompt landing and many outstanding features.

Sino Capital "Commission Flat"

Each transaction must pay 0.1% of the transaction amount of the government stamp duty, 0.005% of the HKEx transaction fee and 0.0027% of the SFC transaction levy

Our principle is "strong enough"

The principle of soundness is an important principle used in our calculations. Guoshun Securities was formerly known as Rongfu Securities and was established in 1992.

Professional team "good service"

Good service do you know how to identify it? Let us first think about our buying process. In your impression, do you remember the best service store?

Win word of mouth

Securities and financial services have been widely used by investors to win trust from customers and win reputation.

Securities market needs "fast speed"

There are many stakeholders in the securities market, fundraisers and investors. Many times in one day, can you get up to speed?

Our goal is to be your financial partner

To provide you with a professional and diversified financial plan, with comprehensive cross-border financial services to help you catch investment opportunities and achieve a happy life.

Over 26 years of experience

To cope with the diversified business development and equity changes of the company, the company’s Chinese name was officially changed from February 12, 2018 to “Sino Capital Securities Limited”
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Securities market The securities market is a place where all kinds of securities, including stocks and bonds, are issued and exchanged. Elements of the securities market include participants in the securities market, trading instruments in the securities market and securities trading venues.
How to buy and sell Hong Kong stocks through online investment services?
How can I buy and sell Hong Kong stocks through online investment services?

Login to your Guoshun Securities Trading Account
Select [Hong Kong] from the column "Securities Trading"
Enter transaction instructions
Click [Preview] to review the instruction before issuing the order

Please note: The transaction amount is normally settled on or before the settlement date of the transaction. If you have any questions, please call Guoshun Securities' 24-hour “Integrated Investment Line” (852) 3950 1200 or contact your Guoshun Securities representative. Guoshun Securities will not send a reminder to you. If you pay late, Guoshun Securities has the right to levy interest or surcharges, or may put your portfolio on short notice.
Through the online investment services trading Hong Kong stocks, I can issue those kinds of trading instructions?
How to issue market order instructions on online investment services?