Sino Capital Securities Limited(SinoCapital) is registered under the Securities and Futures Ordinance as a licensed intermediaries, SinoCapital can be carried outregulated activities(CEnumberABM401) and have trading right on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, SinoCapital is Hong Stock Exchange trading participants.

Sino Capital Securities Limited, formerly known as Delta Wealth Securities Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong, was established in 1992. In line with the development of the company’s diversified business and changes in ownership, the company Chinese name came into effect February 12, 2018, officially changed to "國 順證券有限公司", and English name has been changed to"Sino Capital SECURITIES LTD.", we continued to provides a flexible and convenient trading platform for our valued customers.

With the advancement of technology, in order to meet customer demand, we have from time to time upgrade new technology, to provide the most comprehensive and reliable online trading platform,at the same time we provide the faster speed for order placement and a number of outstanding features. Today, customers can execute buy/sale transaction online anywhere, to help customers catch the investment opportunities and gets a satisfactory return.

DW"low commission, good service, fast speed and steady", we maintain a competitive and reasonable fees, to provide professional, efficient and diversified securities and financial services to customer, has won the trust of customers and the best reputation. DW is headquartered in the heart fo Wan Chai, in line with the business development group, continue to become bigger and stronger, talents are invited to join.